Gippsland Bearing Supplies Sale store interior

About Us

Gippsland Bearing Supplies opened its door in 1977. Over 40 years on, we still stand for the same things - stocking a product that is built to last and supplying it to our customers with specialist knowledge and superior service.

Whether you are manufacturing, installing, maintaining or repairing machinery we have you covered. We are well known for our ability to locate those difficult and hard-to-find items with a fast turnaround time.

Our Morwell and Sale stores are known for going above and beyond for heavy industry, supplying products, parts and equipment for the Power, Paper, Oil, Mining, and Agriculture industries, as well as meeting the needs of local trades.

We stock everything from welding gear to fire-fighting equipment, a huge range of high-quality handyman tools and replacement parts for just about any machine or vehicle.

We know we’ve got it right when you never return for the same part – but make us your first port of call to get your hands on the next one.

Gippsland Bearing Supplies store interior
Castor wheel range at Gippsland Bearing Supplies
Staff in warehouse